and other Phonograph Forgeries
Before you ask... I do not sell, nor will I tell you where to buy, Crap-O-Phones
"Crap-O-Phone" refers to a class of reproduction external horn phonograph made in China and India. A few years back, these were mainly showing up in European flea markets. They are now sold from mail order catalogs, internet shops, and auction sites. Often times, they will be advertised as original and/or factory refurbished antique phonographs.

Cases come in all shapes and sizes, including round, octagonal, square, and with beveled glass panels. No matter what the seller may tell you, rest assured that these are NOT exact reproductions. No company ever made them quite like this.
Left - Click on the image to view a catalog of reproductions from a supplier in India. Dealer contact info is removed.

Right - Typical Indian Crap-O-Phone with fake HMV decal.